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Some random pictures from my favourites. You should probably check them out because their creators are awesome and usually far more deserving of a watch than I! :D

Screw you dA, I make my own magical Webcam!

(Thanks to VladimirMacHolzraum )

Refresh! : D


Episode was great, though the part where the little filly was singing in a grown-up voice was a bit odd. Loved the song and we even got a preview of the finale which was nice. :) Hope everyone else enjoyed it as well!

Now onto the boring part everyone will skip!

Lately, my productivity has tanked due to Fallout 4 (courtesy of Monica Fundz64 ) I think it's a pretty great game, but I can't ignore the sea of issues plaguing it due to Bethesda's sheer incompetence and their need to pander to consoles without any regard for PC players. I'm far from finishing the game, but about 40 hours in I feel justified enough to write down these bullet points. I'm sure playing more will just reveal more issues (that I might add here at a later time).

If you're one of my Skype friends, I probably whined to you about all of this already because I like whining! Buuuuut I figured I might as well whine to the entire world since everyone seems to let this game off the hook with excuses like "Oh, their games are always broken on release", "who cares as long as it's fun" and "modders will fix it" despite the fact that few other companies would or SHOULD get this much lenience for shipping a broken 60 euro product. This will come off as pretty ranty so I won't blame you for not reading it. Also if you don't really know what the game is about, it'll probably be rather meaningless as well. :P

So! Let's start with the objectively broken stuff!
:bulletred: The Gamebryo/Creation Engine has got to go. This thing has been in use since Morrowind and as a result, F4 has a lot of bugs and issues their previous titles had that were just never fixed!
:bulletred: The PC version is severely lacking any meaningful settings without having to tweak ini files. A lot of the default settings are console-centric like:
:bulletred: Default field of view of 70 with no field of view slider in game. Increasing the FoV beyond this will make the camera clip through walls if it touches them (especially in third person);
:bulletred: Mouse smoothing forced on with no option to turn it off in game;
:bulletred: Uneven mouse movement on the vertical and horizontal axes. You need to tweak .ini files to get it to work;
:bulletred: Double bound keys that aren't rebindable. (like press/hold alt for melee attack/grenade throw) A result of a shoddy console port. I can't count the number of times I grenaded myself because I wanted to melee and the game decided to lag at that moment;
:bulletred: On the same topic - hardcoded keys that aren't rebindable. If you want to use ESDF for movement for example you'll be able to rebind it to those, but some keys like the E key are hardcoded for stuff like using Power Armour or interacting with stuff and you'll be interacting with stuff whenever you want to move forward;
:bulletred: The engine's frame rate is tied to vsync (which is forced on) and limited by your monitor's refresh rate. If you disable vsync and your frame rate goes above what they limited it to the entire game engine speeds up! [link]
:bulletred: The game is just downright ugly in some places. For some reason Bethesda screwed up and all the texture presets are identical [link] That said, there are some incredibly low quality textures for no discernible reason. It's especially jarring when they're right next to textures that look much better;
:bulletred: And on a similar topic, the performance is dreadful compared to the visual fidelity. Even worse, in some areas, for seemingly no reason, my game drops to almost 5FPS despite there being nothing intensive going on;
:bulletred: Random crashes, save often and in different slots!
:bulletred: Nvidia Gameworks. I don't even need to say anything about that.
:bulletred: A million smaller bugs, some of which are documented here: [link]

These aren't quite game breaking issues but stuff I really wish was changed. I think I'm rather objective about these but they might not matter too much for you:
The UI in many areas is incredibly poorly thought out or not console-centric such as:
:bulletorange: Inconsistent prompts to exit various menus. Some use tab, others use esc;
:bulletorange: Dialogue choices are in a rosette form rather than a list and are chosen by the arrow keys, as a result of consoles. (You can use number keys 1-4 instead of arrow keys but they never mention that in game. Protip - you can also use E instead of Enter)
:bulletorange: As a result of that, most conversations are very limited to 4 choices which are often: Yes, No, Sarcastic (Usually means Yes) and a question about the topic. In general, NPCs will just say a line about what you replied then say their usual lines anyway making a lot of the choices..well..not really choices at all;
:bulletorange: Another issue with that is this trend to use one or two words to describe the entire reply, which might be far more nuanced once the character says it. LUCKILY there's a mod to fix that. [link]
:bulletorange: The settlement building interface is a disaster. There is no way to tell what settlers are assigned to what jobs, snapping items together is a pain in the ass and there is a huge amount of workarounds necessary to do some of the stuff you might want in it;
:bulletorange: Also no rebindable keys for that;
:bulletorange: Looting or trading items to a companion doesn't show the carry capacity or the weight of the items;
:bulletorange: It's a good thing companions are immortal in this because they're just as retarded as in Bethesda's other games, running headlong into danger with no regard for their safety.
:bulletorange: This is my own preference, but it definitely seems like the chat system is much more restrictive than Fallout 3's or New Vegas' which had quite a lot of extra options in conversations tied to the available skills;
:bulletorange: And another personal issue - I like how they streamlined the perk system but it feels like 90% of that window is wasted space due to pretty pictures. I found it much more helpful to just use the wiki which lets me see all the skills at once and sort by requirements.

Aaanyway, all this said and done, I'd recommend getting this on a sale in a while from now, when Bethesda get off their asses and fix some of the issues, or more realistically when modders fix their issues. It's a fun game, but the fun is rather diminished by the frustration of random bugs or missing features that pop in every so often. Also, I might add more bullet points once I play more of the game but here's these for now. =P

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Just a student with a passion for drawing, video games, and ponies!
The tools I use to create my pictures are :iconadobeai-plz: and :iconadobeps-plz: CS6 as well as :iconpaint-tool-saiplz:


I might fill this up as time goes along, I doubt people would want to know more about me at this time. I try to improve and try new things constantly so my deviations will most likely be based on whatever mood or willingness to experiment I will be in at the time. I hope you'll enjoy them!


I livestream sometimes at… I usually post up a journal when I do so and delete it afterwards. Feel free to join if you wanna see me draw pony stuff or maybe if you have a question about drawing or something!


If you want a certain piece or vector from a composition, ask away and I'll provide it separate from the original deviation. :D
Also, I don't do tags most of the time. If you tag me, you'll probably have that tag ignored.

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